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So…Me? I got into this stuff in 1992 in San Diego. Dancing evolved into promoting. Promoting evolved into DJing. I moved back to my home town Albuquerque, NM in late 1992 and felt a need to get people involved with what I’d experienced in San Diego. Spent the 90s full blast with the electronic dance culture. I currently live about an hour outside Austin, TX. Older now. Regular Job, beautiful wife, Charlene, 5 stepkids, 4 dogs, 2 birds etc. I’m a family guy now, so I don’t live that life anymore but I still love the music. I record sets in my home studio and try to share whatever’s bouncing around in my head on the internet. The spirit of HOUSE never goes away. For me, it’s a constant frame of reference. My kids think I’m nuts with my “Robot Music”.
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